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I love that Chinese saying, and it is so true, that whatever you wish to do, you "must begin with a Single Step."  Then the going gets easier as you apply what you are learning.  For me, first leaving my family and home in California a couple years after graduation from high school besides working for a year,  was not easy going to a foreign country, especially not knowing the German language at all.  I learned a few phrases on the way over on the plane and even more so after I arrived since my hausfrau (landlady) only knew about three English words.   Therefore, taking off to China years later was quite easy as I at least knew a few words beforehand and more afterwards.   . Also, I had a mate to share my life again as I had in Germany..  

While I taught English in schools and homes beginning in 1999,, my husband helped out with shopping and taking care of my some thirty years and over handicapped son, Craig, who was a very good traveler and loved jets.  After traveling to China nine times, more than half of those times by myself, I feel right "at home."  So, if you are living nearby,  please come join me for an hour's worth of viewing my China , "Journeys of the Heart," video with authentic serene Chinese music including an introduction and answers to your questions about China, travel, tours and the like.  These are my specialties.

I also invite you to read  my  digital ebook, "Journeys of My Heart - A Different Kind of Love Story," in which I  give you an all-inclusive look into the history of the Chinese, particularly in California, how they had to wait over a century through stiff immigration to gain citizenship here before becoming intellectuals in many fields and achieving closeness with other nationalities.   My book also features my moves and travels to several Chinese cities, one chapter being, "The Tale of Teaching in Three Cities;"  as well as escorting friends to my favorite places whether popular or out of the way to observe the Chinese way of life as you get to know them and their culture..  One must admire how they came a long way in comparison to the days of  ruling dynasties, besides enduring famine and flood and civil war;   I  fervently desire  to share these ventures and journeys with you via my 349-page digital book as mentioned above.

At the New Yuan Ping Yuan Dynasty Palace in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province that takes you back in time when China was a gloriously wealthy country.  The ruler would say to outsiders, "We don't need anything."  Read more about this era as part of my 349-page digital book, "Journeys of My Heart - A Different Kind  of Love Story" available in Amazon Kindle.

One of my English students along with her parents brought me to this ancient building that has been made into a delicious vegan luncheon restaurant.  They have been most hospitable to me teaching their daughter and her friend every week in my home.


Now that I have resettled in Southern California, I plan to feature my Video again since many of the things I wrote about in my digital book Online regarding the history of the Chinese here in California happened right in this former gold country city and environs nearby not to mention San Francisco and outlying towns with its Chinese pioneers having had a hand in the start of many industries after the Gold Rush, particularly building the railroad across the Sierras into Nevada and Utah.  Enjoy my photos as many have already!  [email protected] 


This is a series of photographs, others are part of my vast collection of over 

1 1,000 photos.  I wanted to put them in categories, however, they are placed at random, whether in one city or another in China.  See my "Journeys of My Heart"  video and you may view many more from this collection and know where they are from.

These little girls were very skilled hula dancers in Honolulu on Waikiki Beach the evening I went there to watch them and several grownups and teenagers .  What a pleasure.  I was on this island of Oahu for almost a year and am thankful I was able to see my late husband's boyhood home near Kaneohe.  He was born in Honolulu.

Oahu, Hawaii,  the warm island I was privileged to live on for almost a year draws crowds from all over the world.  The ocean is warm and blue, the scenery is extraordinarily out of this world and I miss the warmth of the summer climate.  Also miss the wonderful people who became my good friends .

This was a tree I thought I could climb in China, however, the trunk became too wide,  so I could only go so high.  My friends put their arms out after I reached "the top" in case I should fall.  Ha!

My eldest son, Randel Charles, attended this lavish outdoor production with me and enjoyed it as much as I did.  Very realistic.  We walked around the grounds earlier in the day before dinner.

All sides of these Fourteen  authentic Ming Dynasty Palace buildings were built exactly according to the exact architectural drawings from the original Summer Palace from Beijing that was burned down during the Invaders from other countries.

This is the wall around the small city of Pingyao south of Beijing.  It is almost a complete wall that was built to keep invaders out.  My friend and I walked on the top of this wall for about an hour.  .

This man had a beautfiul voice even though he had to sit on the pavement outside a shopping center and croon a lovely tune.  I had wished he could just get up and walk away with two new legs.  Someday I hope.

This little man on the left from Beijing is an accomplished steel cut drawing artist.  He was born of normal size, but in later years, his body shriveled up as you can see.  A very kind person 

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