China Gypsy Rose Presents:

                                                                     JOURNEYS OF MY HEART 

Reviews on my book


"Hello Nan...I just read "My First Journey" and loved it!  So yes, it definitely keeps your attention.  Not many will ever get to China.  That's why I think your perspective is a really good one.  I can definitely see the events in my mind, as you paint a vivid picture.  I like the details.  I know you've been working at this for a long time.  You're a good writer and very inspirational.  Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures."  Alyce Johnson, Salt Lake City, UT, August, 2018

"I like what you wrote.  It is beautifully written and puts the reader there as you visualize the events."  

Sonya Blacker, Carson City, NV, September, 2018

"The way you write about your experience makes me feel like I was there to enjoy it.  It definitely would have won every contest entered."  Charlesetta Moore, Albuquerque, NM, September, 2018

"I loved your stories.  I think everyone would like to see what it is like in China these days."  

Nancy Piantanida, Salt Lake City, UT, Oct. 2018

In addition to my DVD/Video showings in the South California area plus making my digital book available to anyone on Amazon, I have two other websites that can give you information on other companies who use my photos for  providing clothing and other reproductions.   Please note:


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 The Mystery Question: What is so significant about this famous Lone Cypress on the Monterey Coast?  Read my digital book and find out.

The photographs here are just a sampling  sprinkled in my stories and chapters that bring my theme together of "Journeys of the Heart - A Different Kind of Love Story."  These are also deemed "The Adventures of China Gypsy Rose" that happened over a period of traveling, living, and teaching in China from 1993-2015, that  began reaching my heart long before that and caused me to want to return again and again.